December 7, 2022

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Updated At: Jun 23, 2020 02:38 PM (IST)

Priyam Mahajan’s Instagram followers roughly amount to 80k. A celebrity lifestyle coach and fitness influencer, this guy from Amritsar also owns a gym, Auj, which means ‘to be strong or able’ in Sanskrit, is Priyam’s motto in life. An engineering graduate, his interest grew in fitness world since college. He took part in various competitions such as Mr Asia and Mr World 2017 and most recently in Mr Olympia 2019. A fulltime online trainer, fitness consultant and gym owner, he also trained Badshah for more than a year before the release of his song, Paagal.
What does fitness mean to you?
First of all, it is not seasonal. People choose to drop out of gyms when it is winter thinking their body doesn’t get noticed. One has to understand what being healthy stands for. You should not be doing it to look good but to feel good.
Sleep pattern
Mind is the biggest muscle that you need to train. From sleep cycle to leading a life of discipline, everything comes down to your mental health. We all need minimum six to eight hours of sleep and the minute the pattern changes, pay attention. It’s your mind sending signals something is not right.
Lockdown woes
I feel we should agree on what they say, where there is a will, there’s a way. Being in fitness business, I had the will to follow the regime even during lockdown. Having said that, it can’t be ignored that many people who own gyms or have franchise have been highly affected by the pandemic. With gyms still being closed, no one is talking about the fitness industry and how they are faring. I believe there will be many who will lock their stores and look for an alternative option that’s more stable for an income source.
Any fitness accessory you cannot do without?
A pair of dumbbell and resistance tube is enough for a workout at home.
All for strength…
Being a body builder myself, I personally love strength training over any other form of workout. Cardio has its own benefits that I recommend to everybody. Morning walk is something that we all know does a lot of good. Why wait for 50s or 60s to hit us before we start doing it.
Eating right
Make fitness your lifestyle and you will not need to be conscious about what’s on your plate. Eating healthy comes naturally to you once you start practicing it. I find roti tastier than a pizza. The three things that I avoid are refined sugar, table salt and oil.
Routine check-up
Like your car needs servicing, your body needs a routine check-up. Know your deficiencies and go for supplements if you have to. Of course, under the guidance of a doctor. Don’t be scared of supplements. They are there for a reason.
Whom do you admire for their fitness?
I have always admired body builders. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the guy who made people world over conscious about their body and brought fitness into focus.
Saying it online
My Instagram is my personal blog to keep people posted. I share whatever little I know about this vast subject.
An advice for budding fitness models
There is a difference in mentor and a coach. While there’s only one mentor, you will have many fitness coaches in a lifetime. Trust your coach blindly but make sure he is not blind towards you.
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