December 7, 2022

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Queen Elizabeth II will be laid to rest with Prince Philip today as the world pauses to hear tributes to her extraordinary life of service. The state funeral saw world leaders, religious figures, and members of the Royal Family gather to mark the end of her unprecedented 70-year reign. At 10:35 this morning, the Queen’s coffin was carried by pall-bearers of the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards from the catafalque in Westminster Hall where the coffin has lay-in-state for the last few days. The coffin was moved on a gun carriage during a procession from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey where the service has now begun, conducted by the Dean of Westminster. The hall was shrouded in silence as the coffin is carried into the Abbey. 
Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, was seen in tears as the Queen’s coffin was transferred into the State Hearse at Wellington Arch before the monarch leaves London for the last time. The Queen will now be transported to Windsor Castle in Berkshire in the State Hearse.
Meanwhile, frustrations are bubbling in Westminster as crowds attempt to leave. 
Complaints are being made about the lack of information regarding exits which is leading to bottlenecks and people being held at the scene despite the procession being long gone. 

Queen state funeral latest: Thousands line streets at dawn for historic day

The Royal Family has posted a “loving” tribute to Her Majesty The Queen. 
Following a private burial earlier this evening, the family shared a tribute on its official Twitter account. 
Alongside a previously unseen picture, it said: ” “‘May flights of Angels sing thee to thy rest.’ In loving memory of Her Majesty The Queen. 1926 – 2022.”
u2018May flights of Angels sing thee to thy rest.u2019

In loving memory of Her Majesty The Queen.

1926 – 2022
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were front and centre at today’s ceremonies. 
The couple famously stepped down as Senior Royals in March 2020 but returned at the beginning of the month to visit charities “close to their hearts”. 
Just a few days into their visit, the Queen’s death was announced and the couple extended their trip.The couple joined the rest of the Royal Family

Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex walk as procession with the coffinPrince Louis is reportedly worried that the Queen’s passing will affect his family trips to Balmoral. 
Many royal fans noticed the young princes absence from Her Majesty’s funeral today. 
Reports have indicated that this could be because the four-year-old has struggled to understand exactly what has happened, and how his great-grandmother’s passing could impact the family.

Kate reportedly told Australia’s Governor-General, David Hurley, that Louis is concerned about whether the Queen’s death could stop him and his family from travelling to Balmoral.
Recalling the conversation, Mr Hurley said: “The younger one is now asking questions like, ‘Do you think we can still play these games when we go to Balmoral,’ and things like that, because she’s not going to be there?”‘

READ MORE.Prince Louis heartbreak as Kate says he's battling to understand Queen's deathThe official website of the royal family said a private burial took place in The King George VI Memorial Chapel this evening, conducted by the Dean of Windsor.
“The Queen was buried together with the Duke of Edinburgh, at The King George VI Memorial Chapel,” the statement said.

A coffin marked RIP British Empire has been thrown into Butlin’s main city centre river in an anti-monarchy protest march. 

The march in Dublin on Monday afternoon was described as being “against the grovelling worship of the English Monarchy by the Free State ruling class”.
Protesters also objected to the flying of the Irish flag at half-mast on the day of the Queen’s funeral.

Princess Charlotte has been praised for her behaviour today after a lip reading expert revealed what the young royal said. 
When meeting the clergy as she arrived at Westminster Abbey the seven-year-old said: “Pleasured to meet you,” according to lip reading expert Jeremy Freeman. 
Her older brother George politely said “Good morning” after his mother also introduced him.
The Queen’s private burial service is due to have started in the King George VI Memorial Chapel of St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.
The ceremony, set to begin at 7.30pm, is being held away from the cameras and the public.
The King and members of the royal family are gathering together after a difficult day in the world’s spotlight at the state funeral and committal service.
The burial sees the Queen reunited with her beloved Duke of Edinburgh as she is interred alongside Philip in the chapel.
When the duke died 17 months ago, his coffin was placed in the Royal Vault of St George’s – ready to be moved to the memorial chapel when the Queen died.

Liz Truss was branded a “minor royal” by Australian news anchors in a hilarious gaffe. 
The mess-up occurred as the Prime Minister arrived with her husband Hugh O’Leary ​at Westminster Abbey.
Peter Overton and Tracy Grimshaw, appearing on Channel 9’s broadcast of the state funeral, were unable to identify Ms Truss as she walked into the Abbey.

When the pair got out of their car, Ms Grimshaw asked “who’s this?”, as Mr Overton said they were “hard to identify”.
He added: “Maybe minor royals? Members of the– I can’t identify them at this point.”
Shortly afterwards, Mr Overton noted: “I think we are now getting to the pointy end, as they say of the– I’m just told that was Liz Truss, the new Prime Minister, in the distance that we could see.”

Australian TV presenters on 9News were unable to identify new Prime Minister Liz Truss
The Prince and Princess of Wales have paid tribute to Her Majesty following today’s state funeral. 
The Heir apparent and his wife tweeted from their personal Twitter saying:”Goodbye to a Queen, a mother, a grandmother and a great grandmother.”
Goodbye to a Queen, a mother, a grandmother and a great grandmother.
St George’s Chapel has also been home to many happier memories of the Royal Family in the form of Royal Weddings. 
Most recently Princess Eugenie and Mr Jack Brooksbank married just a few months after the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 
In 2008 Peter Phillips marries Autumn Kelly and in 2006 there was a service of prayer and dedication after the marriage of the then Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. The wedding of Princess Beatrice and Jack BrooksbankPrince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding in 2018Satellite images have captured the extent of the crowds gathered in central London today. 
The pictures show people gathered outside Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and along the route of the procession. Crowds in Hyde Park todayCrowds along the funeral procession route, near Albert MemorialSarah Ferguson was seen comforting Princess Beatrice as they left St George’s Chapel this evening. 
The Duchess of York comforted her eldest daughter alongside her husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi just after 5pm.
Beatrice, who was seen crying during the state funeral at Westminster Abbey earlier on Monday, appeared upset as she made her way from the chapel.
READ MORE.Sarah Ferguson comforts Beatrice as they leave chapelWhile all events so far have been public, this evening’s ceremony will be a private affair for the Royal Family.
The Queen will be buried in the Royal Vault alongside her husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, her father King George VI, her mother, Queen Elizabeth, and her sister Princess Margaret.
Thousands turned out across London and Windsor today to watch the Queen’s final journey out of the capital. 
Throughout central London crowds gathered and again along Long Walk to Windsor Castle where Her Majesty’s coffin was taken to its final resting place. 
King Charles declared the day a bank holiday to ensure members of the public could pay their respects however they wished. Thousands turned out across the capitalMembers of the public react as the procession makes its way at The Long Walk The Queen’s Committal Service came to a close with a moment by a lament played by the Her Majesty’s Piper. 
The moment marked the ending of the public ceremony as the coffin was lowered into the Royal Vault. 
The country remains in a period of mourning until September 26.
As The Queen’s Committal Service comes to a close, Her Majesty’s Piper plays a lament.
The Queen’s funeral was watched by more than the funeral of Princess Diana or the Apollo 11 moon landing, according to preliminary figures. 
The event is predicted to have drawn in over four billion viewers from around the world, making it the most watched broadcast in history. 
This is not, however, the first time the Queen has broken television records, as her Coronation in 1953 was the first to be televised, reaching over 27 million in the UK and many millions more abroad.
Royal protocol dictates that the seat in front of the reigning monarch remains empty at public events. 

During previous royal events, some have speculated that this could be a deliberate move to represent a member of the Royal Family who has passed away.
However, this is not, in fact, the case. The empty seat in front of Charles is merely there to follow royal protocol.
No one is allowed to sit in front of the reigning monarch at this kind of event so the monarch’s view of proceedings isn’t blocked. 

Reason for empty seat in front of King Charles during Windsor serviceMeghan Markle was spotted giving Princess Charlotte a comforting grin as the Royal Family left Westminster Abbey. 

The moment with Meghan came as they waited outside, with Charlotte and George standing alongside the Queen Consort.
With Meghan nearby behind, Charlotte shot a gaze over her shoulder which resulted in her locking eyes with her aunty. 
Spotting Charlotte’s eyes, Meghan gave a sweet grin her way, which Charlotte seemed to reciprocate before turning back to face forward.

The Committal Service at St George’s Chapel has now finished.
The Royal Family watched on as the Queen’s coffin was lowered into the Roayl Vault. 
A private service will take place at 7.30pm where the Queen will be buried alongside Prince Philip, who died last April. The Royal Family watch onKing Charles III places the the Queen's Company Camp Colour of the Grenadier Guards on the coffinThe Guardsmen who carried the Queen’s coffin have been praised for their professionalism and composure. 
Eight soldiers from the Queen’s company, 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards carried Her Majesty’s coffin draped in the Royal Standard. 

Carla Lockhart, Upper Bann’s DUP MP, said: “Amidst the pageantry and occasion, eight young men silently went about their duty.
“The weight of the world on their shoulders, the glare of the world on them, but they were flawless.
“They did themselves, their families and our country proud. Thank you.”

Broadcaster Stephen Fry was more succinct: “Bearer Party, to the pub – quick march.
“Bearer Party, lift tankard. Bearer party, down beer. You’ve earned it.”

Pallbearers praised for service King Charles looked tearful as the service concluded with the congregation singing the National Anthem. 
The Royal Family are now making their way out of the chapel. King Charles looked tearfulThe Queen’s coffin is being lowered into the Royal Vault in St George’s Chapel where it will lie until the burial ceremony this evening. 
A private ceremony is being held for the Roayl Family last this evening where Her Majesty will be buried with Prince Philip. 
The crown and scepter have been removed from the Queen’s coffin, marking a momentous part of the ceremony. 
They are passed to the Dean of Windsor who placed them on the altar. 
Eventually, they will be returned to the Tower of London. 
A Choir boy has been dubbed the auburn-hared cherub after he was seen singing his heart out during the Queen’s funeral service. 
The choir at Westminster Abbey were tasked with singing a number of meaningful hymns throughout the service.

Jennifer Campbell wrote: “I’d like a dedicated camera on little ginger choir boy at QEII’s service. He’s giving 150 percent and I’m here for it.”
Matt Clark added: “The ginger choir boy is the most important player.”
Emmer Holmes noted: “Obsessed with the red-headed choir boy giving the performance of his life at the Queen’s funeral.”


Choir boy steals hearts of the nation at Queen's funeralStaff and students at King Charles former school came together to watch the Queen’s funeral. 
Gordonstoun school, in Morayshire, suspended lessons on Monday to allow boarding houses to gather and watch the funeral broadcast.

The Queen had a close connection to Gordonstoun, with her husband, the late Prince Philip, studying there in his youth.
Their three sons, Charles, Andrew and Edward followed in his footsteps – an education that Charles said instilled in him self-discipline and a sense of responsibility.

Lisa Kerr, the school’s principal, said it was a “remarkable” day for the Gordonstoun community “in so many ways”.
The Committal Service is being led by The Right Reverend David Conner, KCVO, Dean of Windsor. 
During the ceremony, the Blessing will be pronounced by The Most Reverend and The Right Honourable Justin Welby, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, Primate of All England and Metropolitan.
Like this morning’s service, the ceremony will conclude with the National Anthem. 
Around 800 people are in attendance, including the Royal Family, and politicians.
Many of those in attendance are also past and present employees of the Queen’s estates. 
The Queen’s coffin has arrived at St George’s Chapel for the Committal Service.
The coffin is being carried up the stairs by the bearer party as members of the Household Cavalry line the steps. 

The coffin is carried into St George's ChapelOther members of the Royal Family are waiting inside St George’s Chapel as the Queen’s coffin makes its way around Windsor Castle. 
Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn are among those already inside. 
Princess Beatrice, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, Sarah, Duchess of York, Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank are also awaiting the arrival of the processionLady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount SevernThe Royal Family await the arrival of the Queen's coffinMembers of the Royal Family have joined the procession once again. 
King Charles leads his siblings, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward as well as his children Prince William and Prince Harry, behind the Queen’s coffin. King Charles leads the Royal FamilyThe procession has made its way up Long Walk to Windsor Castle where members of the Royal Family will join in as the Queen’s coffin makes its way to her final resting place in St George’s Chapel. Thousands came out to watch the processionThe Queen's final resting place is St George's ChapelEmma, the Queen’s favorite horse watches on as the procession makes its way up Long Walk to Windsor Castle. 
The Fell Pony, age 24 was one of the Queen’s riding ponies. 

The Queen's favourite horse watched the processionPrince Andrew has been spotted with the Queen’s corgis ahead of the Commital Ceremony. 
During her reign the Queen owned more than 30 corgi, leaving behind Muick and Sandy. 
A spokesperson confirmed that the Duke of York would look after the dogs following Her Majesty’s death. Prince Andrew will take care of the Queen's beloved dogsGuests have begun to arrive for the committal service at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.
Among them were former prime minister Tony Blair and wife Cherie.
The State Hearse is making its final journey up Long Walk to Windsor Castle. 
Thousands have turned out to see the procession as the Queen’s coffin is accompanied by members of the Household Cavalry and others, including pipes and drums of the Scottish and Irish Regiments, and members of the Queen’s personal staff.
Behind the coffin follow members of the household of the late Queen and the rest of the Royal Family. The procession makes its way up Long WalkMeghan Markle has been pictured getting emotional as the Queen’s coffin left Westminster Abbey this morning.Meghan Markle shed a tear this morningThe Duchess of Cambridge was part of the procession behind the coffinThe final funeral procession of the State Hearse has begun in Windsor. 
The procession reached Shaw Farm Gate on Albert Road, Windsor where it will make its way to St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, where the Queen will be laid to rest. 
Members of the Royal Family will join the procession at 3.40pm.

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Former US President Barack Obama has paid tribute to the Queen’s “kindness and consideration” in a touching tribute to the late monarch.
In a video shared on Twitter, Mr Obama said: “Michelle and I were lucky enough to know Her Majesty The Queen.
“Back when we were just beginning to navigate life as President and First Lady, she welcomed us to the world stage with extraordinary generosity.
“Our thoughts are with the Royal Family and those mourning her passing.”
Michelle and I were lucky enough to know Her Majesty The Queen. Back when we were just beginning to navigate life as President and First Lady, she welcomed us to the world stage with extraordinary generosity. Our thoughts are with the Royal Family and those mourning her passing.
US President Joe Biden has left London after attending the Queen’s funeral in Westminster Abbey. 
Mr Biden made the trip from Washington with his wife, First Lady Jill Biden, on Air Force One.Emotions rocketed on Monday as a nation bid farewell to its longest-reigning monarch. 
The devastating loss was felt acutely by Elizabeth II’s family, a number of whom were brought to tears. 
Clearly overcome with emotion, Charlotte could be seen with her head in her hands.

Princess Charlotte and her brother Prince George bid farewell to their beloved “Gan Gan” as the youngest members of the royal family to follow the Queen’s coffin through Westminster Abbey.
READ MOREThree military personnel had to be assisted by colleagues after appearing to get into difficulty by Wellington Arch.
One appeared to collapse to the ground after the Royal Family had left, while two others were also seen being helped away before and after the transfer of the Queen’s coffin to the state hearse by the monument.
Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has noted the historical significance of today in a moving tweet. 
He said: “Today marks the passing of an era.
“The dignity, courage, spirit, selflessness and good humour Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II showed throughout her reign will always be with us.
“We are lucky to call ourselves Elizabethans.”
Today marks the passing of an era.

The dignity, courage, spirit, selflessness and good humour Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II showed throughout her reign will always be with us.

We are lucky to call ourselves Elizabethans.
Crowds of people around Wellington Arch have erupted into applause, cheers and whistles at the end of the national anthem. 
People could be seen climbing trees, railings and buildings to get a better look.

The Queen is leaving London for the final time as a nation pauses to remember her lifetime of service. 
Her coffin has been transferred to the State Hearse at Wellington Arch ahead of beginning its journey to Windsor for a committal ceremony later this afternoon.
Members of the Royal Family watched on as the bearer party lifted the coffin from the State Gun Carriage and loaded it into the back of the vehicle.
Much of the procession party lined up in formation on the green next to the monument and stood in silence during the moving of the coffin.
The Queen’s funeral procession has arrived at Wellington Arch. 
The bearers will now lift Her Majesty’s coffin from the State Gun Carriage and place it in the State Hearse. 
The State Hearse will then begin its journey to Windsor as the parade gives a royal salute and the national anthem is played. The Queen’s coffin procession has reached Buckingham Palace, with members of the public lining The Mall breaking out into a round of applause as the State Gun Carriage moved past.
The King’s Guard turned out in the forecourt of the Palace to give a salute to the coffin at the Queen Victoria Monument.Thousands of mourners have gathered in Holyrood Park to pay their last respects to the Queen.
Among those watching the state funeral on the big screen was Austrian student Emilia Wolfbauer who said she had “goosebumps” when she saw how many people had gathered to watch.
“Seeing everybody being sad, I got goosebumps.
“It was really touching and very sad,” she added.The Royal Family has saluted the Cenotaph as they passed. 
However, Prince Harry did not engage because he is not in his military uniform. John Thompkinson, 59, his sister Catherine, 61, and his wife Anne, 56, came to Westminster from Croydon to attend the funeral. 
John told “She’s someone who’s always been there, a constant presence in our lives.”
Catherine added: “A steadfast devotion to duty means a lot. 70 years is a tremendous feat, to jot have any slip-ups or mistakes that we’ve ever seen is a tremendous feat, and I just think it’s lovely to mark the occasion”.
Asked what people should know and remember about the Queen, Catherine said: “Her sense of humour. A lot of people might know her sense of duty to the country – and maybe her love of horses, I don’t know – but I remember when I saw her once.
“I stayed once at Windsor Castle with a friend who lived there, and she [the Queen] came out of the church in her complete regalia.
“I was standing there, I was looking after a child and thinking, there’s no one else around and I’m standing here looking at the Queen.
“I thought, good grief, that’s really her.
“And she saw me staring at her – and even now, when I remember the occasion I feel absolutely mortified that she caught me staring at her.
“And so I picked up the child, grabbed their hand, and waved at her madly.
“The Queen just gave such a charming smile and waved back. She got into her Rolls Royce, or whatever it was, and drove away.”
Anne added: “For me about the Queen, it was her strong sense of family.
“Throughout all her duties, she was very rooted in family loyalty.
“I think that’s why it resonates with all of us when we think about parents who have died.
“Even while she was this great regal figure, she was devoted to her family.”Samera, 60, and Iowa, 34, have travelled to London to watch the Queen’s state funeral. 
Samera came from Belgium for the ceremony and told that the Queen meant a lot to her.
She said: “Her death was like the Berlin wall coming down. It was a big, big event.
“The Queen gave balance to the UK. She had the strongest character of anyone.”The procession is now exiting Westminster Abbey following the service to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s lifetime of service. 
The procession exited to Fantasia in C minor followed by the Queen’s coffin and members of her family. Royalty from around the world is present at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in Westminster Abbey today. 
They include: 
Queen Margrethe II of Denmark
Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako of Japan
King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands
King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain
Juan Carlos I, former King of Spain, and his wife Sofia
King Philip and Queen Mathilde of Belgium
King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden
King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway
The nation is now observing two minutes of silence in memory of the longest reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. 
Prince Edward, the Queen’s son, and his wife Sophie, Countess of Wessex, have burst into tears during the funeral of Elizabeth II.

The final hymn, Love Divine, All Loves Excelling, is now ringing out through Westminster Abbey. 
The lyrics are:
Love divine, all loves excelling,
joy of heaven, to earth come down,
fix in us thy humble dwelling,
all thy faithful mercies crown.
Jesu, thou art all compassion,
pure unbounded love thou art;
visit us with thy salvation,
enter every trembling heart.

Come, almighty to deliver,
let us all thy life receive;
suddenly return, and never,
never more thy temples leave.
Thee we would be always blessing,
serve thee as thy hosts above,
pray, and praise thee, without ceasing,
glory in thy perfect love.

Finish then thy new creation,
pure and spotless let us be;
let us see thy great salvation,
perfectly restored in thee,
changed from glory into glory
till in heaven we take our place,
till we cast our crowns before thee,
lost in wonder, love, and praise!The choir is singing Psalm 34 – “O Taste and see how gracious the Lord is: blest is the man that trusteth in him”. 
Ralph Vaughan composed the music for the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.
An unexpected visitor has been spotted on Elizabeth II’s coffin as it proceeds through Westminster Abbey. 
Eagle-eyed viewers spotted a spider atop the placard on the flower display. 
There was a spider on The Queenu2019s Coffin ud83dudd77u26b0ufe0f As a spider fan, I am eleated! ud83dude04 ud83dudc4d Luckiest Spider in the world!
Zara and Mike Tindall appear emotional as the service continues in Westminster Abbey.

The Most Reverand ad Right Honourable Justin Welby Archbishop of Canterbury has begun his sermon. The popular hymn, The Lord Is My Shepherd is now being performed in Westminster Abbey. 
The hymn was sung at the Wedding of The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh.
The lyrics are:
The Lord’s my shepherd, I’ll not want;
he makes me down to lie
in pastures green; he leadeth me
the quiet waters by.

My soul he doth restore again,
and me to walk doth make
within the paths of righteousness,
e’en for his own name’s sake.

Yea, though I walk through death’s dark vale,
yet will I fear none ill;
for thou art with me,
and thy rod and staff me comfort still.

My table thou hast furnishèd
in presence of my foes;
my head thou dost with oil anoint,
and my cup overflows.

Goodness and mercy all my life
shall surely follow me;
and in God’s house for evermore
my dwelling place shall be.
Prime Minister Liz Truss is now delivering the Second Lesson, which has been taken from John 14: 1 – 9a.The first hymn of the service has filled Westminster Abbey. 
The Day Thou Gavest, written by John Ellerton, was selected to pay tribute to Elizabeth II.
The lyrics are:
The day thou gavest, Lord, is ended,
the darkness falls at thy behest;
to thee our morning hymns ascended,
thy praise shall sanctify our rest.

We thank thee that thy Church unsleeping,
while earth rolls onward into light,
through all the world her watch is keeping,
and rests not now by day or night.

As o’er each continent and island
the dawn leads on another day,
the voice of prayer is never silent,
nor dies the strain of praise away.

The sun that bids us rest is waking
our brethren ’neath the western sky,
and hour by hour fresh lips are making
thy wondrous doings heard on high.

So be it, Lord; thy throne shall never,
like earth’s proud empires, pass away;
thy kingdom stands, and grows for ever,
till all thy creatures own thy sway.Prince William, the next in line to the throne, has entered Westminster Abbey side by side with his eldest son, George. The brothers’ turbulent relationship is well documented, but the pair appear to have been united in grief as they follow the Queen’s coffin into Westminster Abbey for the funeral service. 

An emotional Prince Andrew has arrived at Westminster Abbey for the Queen’s funeral. 
The sixth in line to the throne accompanied his siblings and William and Harry behind the Queen’s coffin as it was transferred from Lying-in-State in Westminster Hall to the Abbey.

Her Majesty’s coffin has entered Westminster Abbey.
It is surmounted by The Imperial State Crown, The Orb and The Sceptre and borne by the Bearer Party.A police officer is stretchered away after collapsing on the day of state funeral and burial of Queen Elizabeth II.Meghan Markle, dressed in black, looked sombre as she was seen ahead of the late Queen’s funeral this morning.
Meanwhile, Prince Harry took part in a procession behind the Queen’s coffin from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey for the service at 11am.
READ MOREQueen Elizabeth II’s coffin has begun the procession from the Palace of Westminster to Westminster Abbey. 
It is being carried on the State Gun Carriage of the Royal Navy, drawn by Naval Ratings. 
The State Gun Carriage is a field gun carriage that has been in the care of the Royal Navy since 1901, when it was removed from active service for the funeral of Queen Victoria.
The State Gun Carriage has also been previously used for the funerals of King Edward VII, King George V, King George VI, Winston Churchill, and Lord Mountbatten.The only daughter of Sophie, Countess of Wessex, and Prince Edward Lady Louise was among the Royal Family members to attend the Queen’s funeral.
The 18-year-old stood next to her younger brother James, Viscount Severn, as they paid their last public tribute to the monarch.
Two days ago, the teenagers supported one another as they joined a poignant vigil at Westminster Hall, attended by all the eight Queen’s grandchildren.
The late sovereign was believed to be very close to her youngest granddaughter, also due to some of Louise’s hobbies.
The teenager took on carriage driving, a sport famously practised by her grandfather Prince Philip.
READ MOREPrince Charles, second in line to the throne, has arrived with his sister Charlotte, their mother Kate, and Camilla, Queen Consort. 
READ MOREBoris Johnson and his wife Carrie looked awkward and sombre as former Prime Minister David Cameron was ushered through ahead of them for the Queen’s funeral.
The late Queen accepted Boris Johnson’s resignation as her 14th Prime Minister in Balmoral just two days before she passed away.
But Mr Johnson had played an important role in Elizabeth II’s last great act of service to her nation during the covid pandemic and lockdown
With Downing Street and the Palace working closely together, the late Queen gave a pivotal address to the nation which was broadcast around the world.
READ MOREThe Prince of Wales arrived at St James’ Palace moments after the Duke of Sussex.
William was seen travelling in a Range Rover with a police escort towards the palace.
He had a reflective expression on his face as he travelled in the vehicle. His daughter Princess Charlotte was sat beside him in the car.The couple were seen looking sombre as they were driven in a Range Rover from Wellington Arch, down Constitution Hill and on The Mall towards St James’ Palace.
Four vehicles with flags were seen driving ahead of Harry’s car.
READ MOREConcerns are rising that the funeral could be delayed after a series of buses arrived to Westminster Abbey empty. 
Journalist Peter Walker noted: “Lots of buses arriving. But mostly empty. This is a very complex security and logistics operation.
“We’re still awaiting a lot of world leaders. Plus quite a few royals.”
The service is scheduled to begin at 11am.
Lots of buses arriving. But mostly empty. This is a very complex security and logistics operation. Weu2019re still awaiting a lot of world leaders. Plus quite a few royals.
Prime Minister Liz Truss has arrived at Westminster Abbey to attend the Queen’s funeral. 
Ms Truss met with the Queen two days before her death on September 8. 
The newly appointed Conservative leader met with the monarch in Balmoral Castle. Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has been spotted in the crowd to observe the Queen’s funeral in Westminster Abbey. Former Prime Minister David Cameron has arrived at Westminster Abbey to attend the Queen’s funeral. 
Mr Cameron served as the Conservative Prime Minister between 2010 and 2016.
He is accompanied by his wife, Samantha Cameron. Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford has arrived at Westminster Abbey for the Queen’s funeral service. 
He is accompanied by his wife, Clare. 

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will sit across the aisle from the Prince and Princess of Wales at the Queen’s state funeral, it has been revealed.
The Duke of Sussex will sit directly behind King Charles while Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, will be sat behind Queen Consort, Camilla.
Duchess Meghan will be sitting next to the Queen’s granddaughter Princess Beatrice.
Across the aisle will be the Prince of Wales, the Princess of Wales, and their two children Prince George and Princess Charlotte, and then Peter Phillips and Zara and Mike Tindall.
It comes amid reports the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were uninvited to Sunday evening’s “state reception of the century” at Buckingham Palace.
Palace aides said only working members of the Royal Family were able to attend that event. 
READ MOREJoe Biden has arrived at Westminster Abbey for the Queen’s funeral accompanied by his wife Jill Biden. 
The US President is amongst 500 heads of state and foreign dignitaries who were invited to today’s memorial service. 
There are around 2,000 people expected to attend the service in total. US President Joe Biden found himself stuck in traffic as he made his way to Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.
The 79-year-old’s armoured limousine, nicknamed “The Beast”, was forced to grind to a halt after getting held up in central London.
Most world leaders were bussed into Westminster Abbey in order to ease the flow of traffic, but the White House demanded Mr Biden arrive in his own motorcade for security reasons.
More than 500 heads of state and foreign dignitaries will attend the service. 
READ MOREFrench President Emmanuel Macron has arrived to attend the Queen’s state funeral in Westminster. 
He is being accompanied by his wife, Brigitte Macron. 
Mr Macron has been seen queueing behind Charles Michelle ahead of the service in Westminster Abbey.

A Danish and Spanish contingent arrived in Chelsea in a convoy at 9.45am.
Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, who is now Europe’s longest reigning monarch, and King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain, are expected to attend.
The Spanish royals waved as they passed by the small crowd of members of the public and media gathered on the pavement.
Charles Spencer, the brother of the late Princess Diana, has revealed a heartwarming tribute to the Queen as he prepares to attend her state funeral today. 
He will be wearing cufflinks engraved with the Queen’s Royal Cypher – ER. 
The ER, or EIIR, initials were the Royal Cypher of Queen Elizabeth II, standing for Elizabeth Regina.
Sharing a photo on Twitter, Mr Spencer said: “Wearing these at Windsor today, with great sadness and pride.”
Wearing these at Windsor today, with great sadness and pride.
Laura Lopes, Tom Parker Bowles and family arrive at Westminster Abbey ahead of The State funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. 
Mr Parker Bowles is the son of Camilla, Queen Consort. Carole Middleton, the mother of the Princess of Wales, was spotted among the crowd of mourners at Westminster Abbey ahead of the beginning of the Queen’s funeral.
The mother of Kate, the Princess of Wales, looked sombre in a black dress, paired with a wide-brim hat.
The family did not sit near the Princess of Wales, as the seating arrangement was created in accordance with the royal and officials’ pecking order, positioning senior members of the Firm, foreign royals and world leaders at the front of the London abbey.
READ MOREAll viewing areas to watch the Queen’s State Funeral and procession are now full. 
There will be no entry to new arrivals. 
The Government has urged members of the public to follow the advice of stewards and police. 
In a statement, the Government said: “If you are in the area or about to arrive, use the dedicated walking route to Hyde Park to watch Her Majesty The Queen’s State Funeral and procession.” 
Important update for those looking to watch Her Majesty The Queenu2019s State Funeral and procession from the viewing areas in central London.
Daily Express’ Liz Hazelton pays tribute to the Queen’s final blaze of glory before being laid to rest with her beloved husband Prince Philip:
In the cold quiet before dawn, the final mourners filed past the Queen’s coffin.
They had waited through the night, joining The Queue at around 10pm to become a small part of history and to mark the end of the second Elizabethan age.
Inside Westminster Hall and under the 26 carved angels of the hammer-beam roof, the Queen continued to lie in state.
Her standard draped coffin and the dais on which it stood surrounded by a 10-strong guard of honour were perfectly still apart from the gentle flicker of the altar candles.
The mourners flowed past on either side, pausing to curtsy, cross themselves or blow a final kiss.
They included two priests, 46 Scout leaders and a tiny blonde girl of about seven who wavered as she bent her knees.
Their feet were muted by a beige carpet, a sharp contrast to the ringing steps on stone of the changing of the guard.
READ MOREA huge stream of people is making its way to Hyde Park to view the Queen’s funeral on the big screens. 
Millions of people are expected to descend on the capital for the historic day.
All public viewing areas for the Queen’s funeral procession are full, London’s City Hall said.Trafalgar Square has been closed, with people waiting told to make their way to Hyde Park for viewing. 
People who have been waiting more than an hour have expressed their frustration. 
One shouted: “Thanks a lot!”
Another added: “Could have told us that an hour ago!”London Mayor Sadiq Khan described the security challenge as “unprecedented” as millions of people descend on the capital.
Some 10,000 police officers from all of Britain’s 43 police forces will be in place.
Members of the Armed forces have descended on Waterloo station ahead of the historic event.

This is a security operation that has been decades in the planning as world leaders and royals have all make the trip to London.
Sonya, 56, and Diane, 58, from Nottinghamshire both work in schools.
The pair happened to be coming to London anyway but decided to stay longer for the Queen’s funeral today.
Sonya said: “The Queen has always been in our lives, she’s always been part of our lives. She’s part of Great Britain.”
Diane added: “She was just such a figurehead. As a woman she was always someone you’d respect, and she always showed duty to her country.
“We’ve both got grandchildren – mine is two and a half, and she’s not going to know the Queen. It feels weird – we’ve known her, our children have known her, but she never will.
“We just wanted to come and be part of the day in whatever little way we could.”
Asked what people should know and remember about the Queen, Sonya replied: “Her sense of humour, and her devotion to her family.
“That always came through, didn’t it? And how hard she worked, without people really knowing how hard she worked. Even in her final days, she was doing her duty. Who else would have done that?”7:30pm: A private interment service will take place in the King George VI Memorial Chapel.
The Queen’s coffin will be laid to rest alongside Prince Philip’s coffin, which was interred in the Royal Vault.
King George VI, the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret are also buried in the chapel. 1pm: The Queen’s coffin will be transported to Windsor Castle in Berkshire in the State Hearse.
3:06pm: The Queen’s coffin is expected to arrive at Shaw Farm Gate, before looping up the Long Walk to Windsor Castle.
4pm: A committal service will take place at St George’s Chapel, Windsor.12pm: At around midday, the Queen’s coffin will be placed on to the gun carriage for the procession through London.
12:15pm: The Queen’s coffin procession will begin through the capital, and will take the following route: From the Abbey via Broad Sanctuary, Parliament Square (south and east sides), Parliament Street, Whitehall, Horse Guards including Horse Guards Arch, Horse Guards Road, The Mall, Queen’s Gardens (south and west sides), Constitution Hill and Apsley Way.
1pm: At Wellington Arch, the Queen’s coffin will be moved from the State Gun Carriage to the State Hearse at just after 1pm. The Queen’s coffin will then be transported to Windsor Castle in Berkshire.10:35am: The Queen’s coffin will be carried by pall-bearers of the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards from the catafalque where the coffin has lay-in-state for the last few days.
10:44am: The Queen’s coffin will be moved on a gun carriage during a procession from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey.
10:52am: The Queen’s coffin will arrive at the west gate of Westminster Abbey.
11am: The Queen’s funeral will officially begin at the Abbey and will be conducted by the Dean of Westminster.
11:55am: As the Queen’s funeral draws to a close, the Last Post will be played, followed by a two-minute silence across the nation and the National Anthem.All railway lines between Slough and Paddington are blocked due to damage to overhead electric wires, Great Western Railway (GWR) said.
This is disrupting journeys for mourners attempting to travel to London for the Queen’s funeral from Reading or Heathrow Airport.
Services run by GWR, Heathrow Express and the Elizabeth line are affected.
The lines between Reading and Newbury are also closed due to a person being hit by a train.
The final person through the queue was Christina Heerey, who said it was “an honour” to be the final person to bow her head at the coffin.
She said: “It is an honour. I am currently serving with the Royal Air Force, so to be able to do that on behalf of the Royal Air Force and a female to an amazing lady that will never be replaced.
“Obviously I swore my allegiance to her. I just feel very proud. Being in the Air Force being one of her subjects.”
It was the second time Ms Heerey, from High Wycombe, went through the Hall in 24 hours, having already been through at 1.15am this morning. She started queuing at 5.15pm yesterday.
“I needed to go through again,” she said, and added: “So I’ve just obviously come through last of all, then and I just felt very proud that I was there and I’m just honoured, very honoured, that I was given the privilege to be able to go through again and obviously be the last person.
“I didn’t realise it was going to be like this.”The Lying-in-State of Queen Elizabeth II has come to a close after more than a million people flocked to pay their respects to the late monarch. 
The queue was closed at 10:41 on Sunday night. 
The final person in the line was Christina Heerey, who said it was an “honour” to be the last person to bow her head at the Queen’s coffin. 
She entered at around 6:30 this morning. 
At its peak, the line took a full 24 hours and stretched 10 miles, from Westminster Hall to Southwark Park.
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