December 7, 2022

Jennifer Aniston has many famous friends and is one of the most beloved stars in Hollywood.
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While her fans think they know everything about her, on Monday many learnt something new about one of her friendships – and it left many of the baffled!
The Rachel Green star had shared footage of herself testing out a new pumpkin carving hack at home, surrounded by her friends and their children.
VIDEO: Jennifer Aniston’s pristine garden is incredible 
The star was seen carving a pumpkin using a blender from inside her incredible kitchen at her home in Beverly Hills.
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At one point in the clip, none other than Sandra Bullock appears, which more than delighted her followers. “Whaat, Sandy and Jen are friends??” one wrote, while another commented: “Omg Sandra Bullock too!” A third added: “Sandy casually making an appearance, I’m dying!”
The Hollywood star certainly looked like she was having a great time hosting her Halloween-themed afternoon too, and was more than proud of her finished creation.
A post shared by Jennifer Aniston (@jenniferaniston)
Jennifer Aniston shared a video from inside her Halloween party – featuring Sandra Bullock 
The Along Came Polly star is a huge fan of Halloween and last week even shared a photo on social media of her pet dog dressed up in a Halloween costume, complete with bat wings.
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Jennifer has been living in her home in LA for many years and is incredibly proud of it. In fact, she opened up about her property to Architectural Digest, telling the publication: “The house has a rather glamorous, old-fashioned Hollywood quality. I can just imagine the Rat Pack stopping by; someone is playing the piano, and people are laughing in the next room.”

Jennifer Aniston well and truly got into the Halloween spirit 
She also described her home as a “big hug”, adding: “It’s like a big hug. People can get so distracted by static, I love the silence here.”
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Other perks of Jennifer’s property include an outdoor swimming pool, a games room, a 24-seat dining room and a kitchen complete with a pizza oven and a wine cellar.
She even has a luxury bathroom with a bath looking out onto her sprawling garden, complete with a floor-to-ceiling window.
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