What is Bandhan Bank ?

Bandhan bank is confidential keep money with great client service and on March 31 2022 the total 96 331 crores stores. Bandhan Bank was brought into the world in 2015 and the presentation of Bandhan bank is excellent in 2022 it completed 7 years in the financial business. Bandhan bank is a business that keep money with a legitimate store.

Its central command is arranged in Kolkata and if you are from Kolkata, making a record through Bandhan Bank is exceptionally simple. This Bank has a sum of 4088 outlets. It has 1000+ branches. It additionally gives online archive accommodation by which you can undoubtedly submit reports.

The bank offers support in 34 out of 36 states and the Union region of India. It has right around 500 ATMs.

Individuals need credits for a different reason or their circumstances isn’t to satisfy the family need. There are a few utilized experts who need some to make progress or to finish their craving or dreams yet they can’t oversee expenses so they need credit and for those individuals who are in trouble, Bandhan Bank gives obligation. They likewise offer monetary types of assistance to health-related crises.

There are some solely presents for existing individuals of Bandhan.

Advantages of Bandhan Bank

Bandhan Bank has many advantages and these benefits are recorded beneath:-

  • Protected and Trustable
  • No base equilibrium required
  • Simple to make a Bank account
  • Grant-winning help group
  • Great loan fee
  • Speedy dispensing
  • Get numerous office

Sorts of advance
Bandhan Bank gives different kinds of advances so you can undoubtedly get credit as per your necessity.

There are complete six kinds of essential credit that are given by Bandhan Bank and those advances are recorded underneath:-

1. Home loan

In Bandhan bank home credit is likewise partitioned into four unique pieces of advance which make it simpler to get a house credit. Home advances are partitioned based on development, remodel, fix apportion, an extension of the house, and getting credit for the plot as well as a house.

1. Suraksha Home Loan

You will get a Loan for procurement, development, and expansion of the house.
Formal pay evidence is necessary.
You can without much of a stretch get a Loan sum up to 90% of the expense of the house.
Bandhan bank’s Minimum residency is 5 years and the greatest residency is 30 years.

2.Sajavat Home Loan

You can benefit from this credit for fixing or for redesign your home.
The reimbursement time frame is as long as 180 months implies 15 years.
You will give up to 80% of the expense of fixed work.

3. Su-awas Home Loan

This credit is accommodated in a pakka or semi-pakka house.
The reimbursement time frame is as long as 10 years for the development of the house.
The reimbursement time frame for a fix is as long as multi-month.

4. Suvidha Home Loan

No proper pay verification is required.
Pay for the advance sum surveyed given the candidate’s income.

2. Gold Loan

Many individuals need gold credits and Bandhan Bank effectively gives gold advances through it and it is an entirely steady Bank with a legitimate store.


To profit gold advance your age ought to be 18 years and your greatest age ought to be 70 years. On the off chance that your age is between 18 to 70 years, you will effortlessly give obligation.

Required Documents

Character confirmation – Aadhar Card/Pan Card/Voting ID
Address confirmation – Aadhar Card/Pan Card/Voting ID
2 character photographs

Highlights of Gold Loan

  • Your Loan sum begins with₹10,000
  • You will get Free storage advantage to keep your gold with no problem at all
  • Adaptable reimbursement residency – 6 to three year
  • Fewer records required
  • Get Quick advance
  • Insignificant improvement on Documentation required.

Interest Rate

  • The loan cost isn’t fixed, it is variable.
  • Process expense is 1% + GST.

3. Credit Against Property

For Salaried Individual Documentation and Delivery

  • Credit apply Form
  • Ongoing visa size photograph
  • Bring Processing check
  • Picture ID confirmation Aadhar Card/Voting ID/Pan Card
  • Address verification reports of credit Borrowers.
  • Age verification (Aadhar Card)
  • Most recent 3 months Payments slips.
  • Structure 16 given by your boss
  • most recent three years ITR Copy
  • Copy of speculations
  • Copy of insurance contracts
  • All bank passbook Copy.
  • In the event of different credits profited (dynamic as well as shut)
  • Duplicate assent letter
  • Refreshed reimbursement track
  • No levy if there should be an occurrence of shut advances
  • Later, Photocopy your charge card
  • Duplicate of lease understanding on the off chance that current convenience is on lease

For Self-Employed Individual

  • Credit Form
  • Ongoing photos
  • Bring Processing charges to check
  • Picture ID verification Aadhar Card/Voting ID/Pan Card
  • Super durable Address verification
  • Age confirmation (Aadhar Card)
  • Most recent 3 months Salary slips.
  • most recent three years ITR Copy
  • Photo with the business environment
  • Copy of ventures which have done
  • Copy of life coverage arrangements
  • All bank passbook copies of the most recent a half year
  • In the event of different advances profited (live as well as shut)
  • Duplicate approval letter
  • Refreshed reimbursement track
  • No contribution in the event of shut credit
  • Permit for your business substance
  • Administrative pertinent
  • Duplicate your expert degree/capability endorsement
  • Organization deed/shareholding example of your element
  • Visiting card of your shop
  • Duplicate of lease arrangement assuming present convenience is on lease

You simply need to fill all necessities.

Eligibility Criteria

Your age ought to be between 21 to 75 years. In any case, on the off chance that you are mature enough to get credit, it will be your retirement age. To profit from this advance your pay will be thought of.

Financing cost

The financing cost begins from 10.40 % and the most extreme loan fee is 13.90%. Finally, the financing cost fluctuates on your FICO rating.


Get effectively advance against property
You will give 60% of your private property
most extreme residency of 30 years and the base residency of 5 years.

4. Individual Loan

Bandhan Bank gives you individual advance and you can take a Personal Loan by submitting records and doing all methodology that is expected for it. We should examine age qualification, elements, and loan fees.

Elements of Personal Loan

  • Get an advance sum from 50,000 to 15 lakh
  • adaptable reimbursement period as long as multi-month implies 5 years
  • Gives fast cash.
  • Low interaction expense.
  • The advance sum is relying upon the FICO rating

Financing rate

Financing cost begins from 10.5%. Financing costs are by and large ward upon your financial assessment if your FICO rating is great loan fee will be low according to bank’s decision.

5. Agri Loan

Through these banks, we are getting agrarian advances and this is particularly for the rancher to purchase this credit. Ranchers get help since ranchers need a great deal of hardware for doing horticulture and need cash for buying seeds, pesticides, natural excrement, and so on. To top off the asset prerequisites of the rancher this advance is put. The goal is that ranchers can request credit.

Commonly workers experience issues concerning cash and Bandhan Bank gives monetary assistance to these ranchers so they can develop their yields and return all the cash when they reap.

Note – Loan Maturity is rely upon age.

Bandhan Bank’s business advances

Companions, there are 3 sorts of business credit:-

Independent company
Medium business
Huge business
A wide range of business credits is something similar however it relies upon your business. It implies it is arranged based on little, enormous, or medium.

Private venture Schemes

This credit is for little business visionaries who are beginning their business or need cash to scale their business so Bandhan Bank gives them monetary assistance with the goal that they can develop their business to a higher level and have extraordinary cash.

It is partitioned into 4 sorts:-


Miniature credit is for those individuals who carry on with work at their homes and they are at the limited scope and they need to buy natural substances for their beginning up yet for that cash is a necessity, so the Bandhan Bank gives your miniature in which you can take a credit to extend your business to a higher level.

If you simply need cash up to 25000, this advance is best for you because in this classification they give less cash.

Miniature Bazaar

This point is exceptionally for the little business people who are beginning their new business and this credit is made for them so they can get the means to begin their business. Cash will give time to time. Bandhan Bank trusts you and contribute to your work.

credit range is between 25000 to 1.5 lakhs.


Business credit is made for those little business visionaries who have their business however they need cash to scale it and Bandhan bank will give you cash up to 3 lakh. They will give opportune assets.

Here you will be given 3 choices for reimburse residencies – year (1 year), multi-month (1.5 years) , or two years (2 years).

Little Enterprises

This is for those little business people who are very much settled however they need working capital and term advance. Bandhan Bank gives them advances up to 25 lakh alright with long-term residency. This will be an ideal dispense.

Credits for Medium and Large organizations

For the most part, medium and huge organizations are all around settled and they are in some way or another well known on the lookout, to create their gain twofold or fourfold. Financial specialists need cash and this cash is given by the Bandhan Bank as medium and enormous business credit.

Here you will give 2 sorts of advances:-

Term Loan

This credit is for Enterprises that need term advances to scale their organizations. Credit sum relies upon bank strategy and appraisal of borrowers. All resources funded will be guaranteed with bank proviso.

Working capital Loan

This credit is the same as term advance, it is extraordinarily for working capital. . Credit sum relies upon bank strategy and evaluation of borrower.

Note – Always read agreements

Step-by-step instructions to Apply For This Loans

Bandhan bank isn’t permitting the web application structures. You need to go to the part of the Bandhan Bank to get a credit. You can direct a meeting with a delegate for credit. In any case approach, their client’s care number they will uphold you in regards to the application.

Companions, if you need to apply for credit then follow a beneath step by which you can undoubtedly apply:-

There are two methods for applying for credit.

  • Go on Official Website
  • You, first of all, needed to choose credit
  • Presently you will see a container drawback
  • Give your number, name
  • Presently OTP will come on your portable
  • Fill it
  • After your solicitation submitted you will get call from Bandhan Bank delegate

Second way

  • select your credit
  • click on the enquiry button
  • fill all Requirement
  • it then, at that point, click on save
  • your solicitation is shipped off the Bandhan Bank supervisory crew.
  • they will reach you soon

Client Care Number (Helpline Number)

Companions, if you will deal with any issue or you, have any uncertainty in regards to the credit then Bandhan Bank client care support group will help you appropriately. they will be with you till the issue isn’t get settle. They support group is dynamic 24 by 7 methods entire day.

Their bank chiefs will securely take care of your concern. Their client care and backing group number is disadvantage and you can reach them through the contact number or email id or you can visit their branch to find solution of any inquiry or any issue with respect to your advance, financial balance, saving record or whatever else.

Client Care Helpline (without toll):


Client Care Number:




Charge Card Green PIN:



Miniature Banking:


Head office:


On the off chance that they won’t get your call then you can Email them. You can find solution via mailing them.

Email Id

Client Care: customercare@bandhanbank.com

Vocations: recruitment@bandhanbank.com

Media: corpcomm@bandhanbank.com


How might we get Loan?

The Process is exceptionally straightforward and simple, you need to present your application or assent structure with your report to the closest part of Bandhan. After the approval of agreements your advance will endorse.

What is the Tenure Option for Agriculture recompense?

For the Agriculture recompense Bandhan Banks give max residency as long as 5 years and least as long as 1 years.

How to contact the bank in regards to Problem?

You can straightforwardly contact the bank’s helpline number to settle your inquiry. The Customer Care number I have referenced previously. The Support office will give you arrangements with respect to your concern.


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