November 30, 2022

We often find exercising hectic or painful. As you must have heard the saying “No pain, no gain”. Well, it’s true in many matters but it doesn’t have to be the final truth for everything. Celebrity Fitness Coach Dr. Deepali Gupta has the perfect solution for this problem, Pilates. She has been treating patients with Pilates for over a decade and she has helped and trained more than 20,000 clients during this time. It has sharpened her expertise and skills more and more. Deepali Gupta is a doctor by profession and she is India’s first Pilates YUR back, certified coach. Dr. Deepali Gupta has trained popular actress Deepali Sayed as well. Let’s see what Deepali Sayed has to say about her experience?
Deepali Sayed said – “I have been working in the industry for a very long time. I know how much pressure you need to handle and how much that can affect one on mind and body level. We also need to keep ourselves fit and healthy at all times. It’s not always easy to follow the diet while you are constantly shooting and managing multiple tasks, and not always easy to complete your exercise schedules. In such times there are people like Dr. Deepali Gupta who show you the beautiful, pain-free, most effective and amazing way of exercising, Pilates. Since the day she started training me for it, I have been a fan of it. It has helped me so much to understand my body composition and to make better changes and it has helped me a lot in gaining more balance in many ways. It has surely done wonders for me. I am happy and grateful to Celebrity Fitness Coach Dr. Deepali Gupta for helping me lead a healthy life.”
While talking about Pilates Dr. Deepali Gupta says “We often want to go for weight loss and we often try various methods for that which sometimes can be harmful. But you must understand that more than losing weight it is important for you to understand your body composition. We need to focus on cutting down the fat and increasing the lean mass. That can help us achieve better and beneficial results.” While Pilates is all about a mind and body exercise which works on your posture and increases the balance in strength with mobility, it also aligns and fine-tunes the movement patterns and it helps to strengthen the deeper muscles of the core. Dr. Deepali Gupta is a skilled Fletcher Intensivist, as well as The Garuda Method Practitioner. She runs her own Homeopathic Fitness Studio and Be Fit Pilates Studio, of which she remains the founder of the two. It has a presence at the Pan India level. She is Pilates Ambassador India and International Pilates Coach. She runs her Pilates studio, especially for Prehab clients. She knows how to treat patients pain-free and without surgery.
Celebrity Fitness Coach Deepali Gupta is one of the finest fitness trainers in India and she has proved her worth on many scales and many levels. She has absolute expertise in her field and in Pilates with which she has been helping so many people around the world and all her constant achievements just keep adding feathers to her hat.
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