How to Submit

The Government of Afghanistan and UNESCO invite applicants to submit proposals for EITHER physical revitalisation OR non-physical revitalisation in the niche, in order to present the Government with a balanced range of options reflecting the diverse spectrum of opinions about revitalisation.

·      Physical revitalisation implies rebuilding the Eastern Buddha statue.

·      Non-physical revitalisation implies measures to interpret the Eastern Buddha statue without any physical form of statue reconstruction.

Proposals will be reviewed by Scientific Committee members, before being presented to an international group of experts at the Tokyo Scientific Technical meeting from 27 to 29 September, 2017, entitled: The Future of the Bamiyan Buddha Statues: Technical Considerations and Potential Effects on Authenticity and Outstanding Universal Value. Following this scientific technical meeting, the proposals will be submitted to the Government of Afghanistan for their further consideration.

If you would like to submit a proposal, please send an Expression of Interest to the UNESCO secretariat using the form provided below.

To submit an EoI, please complete the form below in English.

Upon submission of the EoI, you will receive the ToRs, and will be asked to submit a full technical proposal.

Deadline for EoI: 30th April 2017
Deadline for ToRs: 15th July 2017


How will proposals be evaluated?


Once UNESCO receives your EoI, we will send you the full Terms of Reference (ToRs). You must submit your proposal by 15th July 2017. Proposals received after this date shall not be considered.

The proposals will be screened initially by UNESCO to ensure overall compliance with the ToRs. They will then be reviewed by a scientific committee of technical experts in conservation, archaeology and heritage management. The teams that have been selected will be invited to present their submission at the three-day technical meeting on 27th-29th September in Tokyo. Only selected applicants will be contacted by UNESCO.

Please note that selected teams will be expected to cover all costs associated with attending the technical meeting, including flights, visas, accommodation, food and travel.

Photograph: Sunrise in Bamiyan November 2016. The Eastern Buddha niche is pictured to the left. Jonathan Rider

Photograph: Sunrise in Bamiyan November 2016. The Eastern Buddha niche is pictured to the left. Jonathan Rider