Speakers from sessions 1-5 and session 7, will be pre-selected by the Symposium’s Scientific Committee members.

Speakers for session 6 will be selected on the basis of technical proposal submissions for revitalising the Eastern Buddha niche.


Technical Meeting - 27th-29th September

Opening Session:     

Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Government of Japan



Plenary Session:         Intentional destruction of cultural heritage and UNESCO’s response


Session 1:        An overall review of the emergency safeguarding interventions atthe Bamiyan World Heritage Property implemented since 2003

Session 2:        Deliberate destruction of heritage and its recovery

Session 3:        Heritage reconstruction in theory

Session 4:        Heritage reconstruction in practice – opportunities and challenges

Session 5:        Community participatory approaches to reconstruction and interpretation – anthropological approach

Session 6:        Proposal presentations for revitalising the Eastern Buddha statue

Session 7:        Drafting/adoption of Tokyo Declaration


Public Symposium - 30th September

Session 1: The Future of the Bamiyan World Heritage Site

Top photograph: Jonathan Rider